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Creating elegant spaces with natural materials, to provide you with a bespoke modern atmosphere, incredible durability, and remarkable lasting beauty..

Creating elegant spaces with natural materials, to provide you with a bespoke modern atmosphere, incredible durability, and remarkable lasting beauty..

With a proud history and years of industry experience, B & H Solid Plastering is without doubt the industry leader in render coating services.

Combining the knowledge and mastery of licenced Tradesmen with the most advanced technology, we create magnificent results for contemporary living.

B & H Solid Plastering offers an unparalleled selection of render coatings, application systems and colour choices for your new home or renovation project. So you can be confident that when you choose us, you’re choosing the best there is.

Whether you’re reviving an aged building by injecting new life into it or adding beauty to a new structure, let us help you to take your project beyond your expectations.

Solid Plastering

Uncover the beauty of solid plastering with B&H Solid Plastering. Solid plastering is an exceptional technique that delivers a smooth, flawless finish to your walls, exuding elegance and sophistication.

Unlike other options, solid plastering provides enhanced durability, ensuring your interiors withstand the test of time. The high-quality finish offers an excellent base for paint or wallpaper, contributing to stunning interior designs.

Whether you’re looking at residential or commercial spaces, solid plastering is an unparalleled choice, promising both longevity and aesthetic appeal. By choosing solid plastering, you’re investing in an ageless finish that adds character and style to your property.

At B&H Solid Plastering, we excel in transforming spaces with our remarkable solid plastering services. Experience the blend of practicality and beauty that is solid plastering – contact us today, and your buildings will be more than just structures, they’ll be a testament to quality and style.

Cement Rendering

Cement rendering is an innovative solution that offers more than just a facade. This technique provides your walls with strength and resilience, ensuring longevity for both commercial and residential properties.

Beyond its practical benefits, cement rendering also opens up a world of design opportunities. It acts as a canvas that can be further embellished with paint or other decorative elements, elevating the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Choosing cement rendering is a smart move towards protecting your property’s structure while enhancing its visual appeal. This fusion of functionality and elegance transforms your walls into robust works of art.

So why not explore cement rendering? Let your walls not just bear the load but also tell a story of durability and style.

Cement rendering is more than a construction technique, it’s an investment in long-lasting beauty.

Natural Materials

Embrace the synergy of strength and aesthetics with plastering and rendering using natural materials.

These earth-friendly options not only offer unparalleled durability but also contribute to a warm, rustic charm in your interiors.

Natural materials in plastering and rendering ensure a unique, textural appeal, adding depth and character to your walls. It’s more than just a practical solution; it’s a design statement that echoes your commitment to sustainability.

Choosing natural materials means investing in resilience and timeless beauty for both commercial and residential properties. These materials transform walls into canvases of sustainability, telling a story of strength, style, and ecological responsibility.

Plastering and rendering with natural materials is a blend of tradition and innovation, a testament to durable elegance. Experience the robust charm of natural materials in plastering and rendering, where the beauty of nature enhances the strength of your structures.

Polished Rendering

Polished rendering is the epitome of sleek sophistication, a unique finishing technique that imbues your walls with a luxurious touch.

Providing a seamless, high-gloss finish, polished rendering brings an element of modern elegance to both residential and commercial spaces. But it’s more than a style statement; it’s a symbol of durability. Polished rendering ensures longevity, a robust finish that resists wear and tear, maintaining its stunning sheen for years.

This technique takes your walls from functional to fabulous, adding a lustrous depth that enhances your interior design.

The choice of polished rendering is a testament to refined taste and practical durability. It’s an investment in not just a finish, but a transformation that blends architectural strength with design excellence.

Discover the allure of polished rendering and let your walls speak volumes about your space’s style and strength. Polished rendering – where modern aesthetics meet timeless durability.


Dive into the realm of waterproofing, a crucial technique that safeguards your walls against moisture damage.

It’s more than a precautionary measure; it’s an investment in the longevity and health of your residential or commercial spaces. With waterproofing, you add an extra layer of resilience to your walls, ensuring they stand strong against humidity and water exposure.

But waterproofing doesn’t compromise on aesthetics. Your walls maintain their beauty, their finishes are unblemished by the damaging effects of water.

By choosing waterproofing, you’re choosing strength, protection, and peace of mind, preserving the integrity of your structures while enhancing their durability. It’s a testament to thoughtful construction and maintenance, where safety and aesthetics go hand in hand.

Experience the power of waterproofing, where your walls are not just structures but resilient shields. Waterproofing – the marriage of beauty and resilience, safeguarding your spaces against the elements.

Textured Finishes

Unleash the allure of textured finishes, a dynamic technique that adds dimension and intrigue to your walls.

Beyond the ordinary, textured finishes are an artistic statement, creating a tactile, engaging environment in both commercial and residential spaces. But the appeal goes beyond aesthetics. Textured finishes offer an enhanced degree of durability, withstanding the wear and tear of everyday life while retaining their unique appeal.

By choosing textured finishes, you turn walls into architectural marvels, alive with depth and character. It’s more than just a finish; it’s a sensory experience, adding visual and tactile interest to your spaces.

Textured finishes stand as a symbol of style and substance, offering an ideal balance between design innovation and enduring strength. Experience the rich tapestry of textured finishes, where art meets architecture in a symphony of style and durability.

Textured finishes – a celebration of design diversity and structural resilience.

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